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Links to other photo galleries but also other interesting stuff !


Landscape and trees

Landscapes and trees organized according to the country in which the photo was taken.


Here you can find photographs of cities. Choose "All Countries" or choose a specific country to view the available photos.

Signs & Road signs

Why? I really would't know but i find signs almost always interesting so i simply have to take a photo...

Recent Additions

Gallery with all recent additions. Sometimes it's just a re-edit.

Wildlife Portfolio

Perhaps portfolio isn't the right term for this gallery. It simply contains our best photos. You can also use it as a slideshow / screensaver.

Private gallery

Photo trips & Holidays

This gallery isn't protected (everyone can view) but we simply call it private because it contains our personal photos we've taken during our trips and holidays.

Other interesting sites / links

Birds of the World

The successor of HBW Alive. It won't be long now until HBW Alive stops.

HBW Alive

We are supporting HBW Alive (Handbook if the Birds of the World Alive) for a few years now. If you are a "birder" you simple must subscribe to HBW Alive. There's lot of information (also for identification) about ALL the birds in the world!

Macaulay Library

The Macaulay Library is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history audio, video, and photographs. Although the Macaulay Library’s history is rooted in birds, the collection includes amphibians, fishes, and mammals, and the collection preserves recordings of each species’ behavior and natural history.

IUCN Red List

We use the species and subspecies as accepted by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Here you have a direct link to the IUCN Red list (endangered species).

Laikipia WIlderness Camp

This isn't the place to advertise a lodge but one exception is allowed. Laikipia Wilderness Camp is our absolute favorite lodge! Beautiful nature, great diversity of animals, complemented by delicious food, nice accommodation and really professional staff.

Kazuri Safaris

Our trips to East-Africa are (almost) always organized by (or with the help of) Kazuri Safaris. It's fantastic how perfectly everything is organized. Flexible (more than enough input about where you want to go) and very affordable.

The Cardboard Box Travel Shop

Our trips to Namibia are organized by The CardBoard Box Travel Shop. Very happy with this firm. They are always willing to adapt the planning and the places to visit to your wishes.

Great Grevy's Rally

In 2018 and 2020 we've joined this rally (within Laikipia County) and probably we will join every 2 years. It's fantastic.


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