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Tanzania for us is the country our "Africa Virus" started. In 2013 on our first safari we've visited the northern parks of Tanzania (Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro) and we were sold for live.

In 2018 we made our fourth safari to Tanzania and decided that it would not be the last! The wildlife is amazing (310 mammal species, 960 bird species and countless insects, butterflies..) and the flora and surroundings are amazing. Resume: We love it!

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Information and facts about the country


- 945.087 km²
- population: 63.82 million (2022)


Click on map to the left for google map with all parks (we've visited the green ones).

Our trips to Tanzania (with links to our reports)

- 2013: Our first safari ever!
- 2014: Southern part of Tanzania
- 2015: Back to the northern parts
- 2018: Back to the southern parts

National Park (NP) vs Conservation Area (CA) vs Game Reserve (GR)

Tanzania Parks are run and managed by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and unlike game reserves, conservation areas like Ngorongoro and game controlled areas like Loliondo, no human habitation is allowed inside the parks. The animals in the parks are guarded by the game rangers that are trained in the wildlife college and then employed by the Authority. The rangers man the parks as well as ensure the rules and regulations of national parks are adhered to.

As for game reserves like Selous Game Reserve; which is the largest game reserve in East and Central Africa, they are manned by private entities. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the hand; which is a UNESCO world heritage site, is manned the state’s management authority called The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority ( NCAA). The difference between the Tanzania parks and Ngorongoro Conservation area is that the latter allows human habitation and is the home of the world renowned nomadic pastoralist tribe called the Maasai.

Photos and information about the parks

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