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After three trips to Tanzania (and one  to Uganda) we decided it was time for another famous African country: Kenya. In our opinion it's very similar to Tanzania but the population is a bit stiffer. But we've found a perfect place: Laikipia Wilderness Camp in the Laikipia County. In 2018 we went back for the Great Grevy's Rally (counting grevy zebras) and we will keep on doing that for the years to come. It's a shame it's only once every two years...

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Information and facts about the country


- 580.367 kmĀ²
- population: 56.61 million (2022)


Click on map to the left for google map with all parks (we've visited the green ones).

Our trips to Kenya (with links to our reports)

- 2017 First visit to Kenya, exploring the center
- 2018 Our first Great Grevy's Rally in Laikipia
- 2020 Our second Great Grevy's Rally in Laikipia
- 2022 Exploring the northern parts of Kenya

National Park (NP) vs National Reserve (NR) vs Game Sanctuary (GS) vs Conservancy (C)

The national parks (23), reserves (28) and sanctuaries (4) are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Next to these national controlled area's there are private Game Sanctuaries and Conservancies.

Photos and information about the parks

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