Links to interesting sites and wildlife projects. 

Live tracking

Track were we are

With this link you can track us live on our holidays and send us messages in case of emergencies. PASSWORD REQUIRED !

WIldlife Projects

Great Grevy's Rally

In 2018 and 2020 we've joined this rally (within Laikipia County) and probably we will join every 2 years. It's fantastic!

Update: We were going to participate in 2022/2023 but it was cancelled due to the drought so we will be there next time !

Etosha mountain zebra photographs

This project asks visitors to Etosha NP to photograph mountain zebra to help conservation research. Ofcourse you will help them, won't you? We have!  Read this facebook artikel.

Ruaha Carnivore Project

The mission of the Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP) is to achieve successful human-carnivore coexistence by empowering local communities, and to develop effective strategies for long-term carnivore conservation.

In 2018 we helped with transporting camera-equipment to the research in Ruaha.

Lion Landscapes

Lion Landscapes works in partnership with local stakeholders to develop programs that support people, lions, their prey and habitat.

Joni has been a volunteer for this organization since October 2020.

Kenya Bird of Prey Trust

Their mission is to understand, protect and restore raptor populations in Kenya. They do this through filed monitoring, evidence-based raptor management, community education and capacity building.

Joni has been a volunteer for this organization since Juni 2021.

Libraries / info

Birds of the World

The successor of HBW Alive. We are supporting them for a few years now. If you are a "birder" you simple must subscribe. There's lot of information (also for identification) about ALL the birds in the world!

Macaulay Library

The Macaulay Library is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history audio, video, and photographs. Although the Macaulay Library’s history is rooted in birds, the collection includes amphibians, fishes, and mammals, and the collection preserves recordings of each species’ behavior and natural history.

IUCN Red List

We (most of the times) use the species and subspecies as accepted by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Here you have a direct link to the IUCN Red list (endangered species).


Get connected with a community of over a million scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature! What’s more, by recording and sharing your observations, you’ll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature.  You can go directly to our observations by clicking here.

Camps / travel companies

Laikipia WIlderness Camp

This isn't the place to advertise a lodge but one exception is allowed. Laikipia Wilderness Camp is our absolute favorite lodge in Kenya! Beautiful nature, great diversity of animals, complemented by delicious food, nice accommodation and really professional staff.

Kazuri Safaris

Our first trips to East-Africa were organized by (or with the help of) Kazuri Safaris. It's fantastic how perfectly everything is organized. Flexible (more than enough input about where you want to go) and very affordable. New to safaris? Ask Kazuri Safaris for help!

Software (discount codes)


This website is hosted on the SmugMug platform. It's a great platform for photographers. You can easily sell your photos (we don't use this option) and you get unlimited storage space. Try smugmug for free. If you subscribe, you'll get 20% off with this button!

Topaz Labs

In our opinion Topaz Labs offers the best software for noise reduction. For wildlife photographers working in perfect light conditions simply isn't always possible so sometimes we need a little help...  You can try their software for free. Discount links don't work anymore so it's simply a link to there website.

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