Other arthropods

50 (sub)species grouped by the FAMILY name. 

It's not always possible to determine the species of arthropod without dissecting them. Of course we try to determine as specific as possible from only photographs. If your screen is minimum 1350px wide you will see the complete taxonomy, on mobiles (and other smaller screens)  it's hidden. Within the family pages there are links to the iNaturalist pages.

Ants (6)
Ant, Karoo Balbyter Sugar
Ant, Shimmering Sugar
Crematogaster mimosae
Messor angularis
Messor capensis (Ant, Common Harvester)
Messor cephalotes
Ants, Velvet (1)
Genus Dasylabris
Beetles, Blister (2)
Genus Cyaneolytta
Hycleus svakopinus
Beetles, Darkling (5)
Adesmia cribripes
Beetle, Brown-backed Namib
Beetle, Tar Darkling
Stenocara gracilipes
Toktokkie, Fog-catching
Beetles, Deathwatch, Spider, and Wood-borer (1)
Beetle, Larger Desertcoast Spider
Beetles, Ground (1)
Beetle, Caterpillar-hunter
Beetles, Jewel (1)
Beetle, Giant Jewel
Beetles, Leaf (1)
Beetle, Rosemary
Beetles, Whirligig (1)
Beetle, Whirligig
Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, and Allies (3) ▸
Bumblebee, Buff-tailed
Bumblebee, Red-Tailed
Honeybee, Western
Crab Spiders (1)
Crab spider, Pink
Damselflies, Narrow-winged (1)
Sprite, Salisbury
Damselflies, Spread-winged (1)
Spreadwing, Pallid
Grasshopper, Short-horned (7)
Grasshopper, Band-winged
Grasshopper, Short-horned
Grasshopper, Silent Slant-faced
Heteracris prasinata
Locust, Brown-spotted
Locust, Funnyface
Pycnodictya galinieri
Hoverfly (1)
Katydid (1)
Lady Beetles (1)
Ladybird, Seven-spot
Millipedes, Flatplate (1)
Millipede, Giant African
Orbweavers (2)
Kitespider, Schimiterhorn
Orbweaver, Cross
Red Bugs (1)
Probergrothius angolensis
Skimmers (10)
Dropwing, Kirby's
Dropwing, Navy
Dropwing, Red-veined
Dropwing, Violet
Groundling, Banded
Scarlet, Broad
Skimmer, Black-tailed
Skimmer, Epaulet
Skimmer, Julia
Widow, Lucia
Spiders, Wolf (1)
Spider, Wolf
Termites, Harvester (1)
Termite, Northern Harvester
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