The Common Warthogs are powerful diggers, using both their snouts and feet. Although they can dig their own burrows, they commonly occupy abandoned burrows of other animals (the one in the photo used a termite hill).

The warthog commonly reverses into burrows, with its head facing the opening and ready to burst out if necessary.

Though warthogs appear ferocious, they are basically grazers. They eat grasses and plants, and also use their snouts to dig or "root" for roots or bulbs.

Warthog eat short grass by kneeling; their knees are padded, calloused and hairy.

When startled or threatened, warthogs can be surprisingly fast, running at speeds of up to 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour.

Their numbers remain strong largely due to the animals' amazing intelligence and adaptability. For example, warthogs normally forage for food during the hours of dawn and dusk. However, those warthogs living in areas where hunting becomes more aggressive will learn to forage under the cover of night.

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