The Patas Monkey & the Vervet Monkeys are two of the three African primates species spending most of the day on the ground instead of the trees. The other are Baboons.

Patas Monkey

The Patas Monkey (Erythrocebus patas) is listed as Near Threatened with extinction in the wild with a decreasing population trend. We were fortunate enough to find a large troop of the Eastern Patas Monkey (ssp pyrrhonotus) in Murchison Falls National Park In Uganda. The Patas Monkey has long limbs and short digits which are adaptations that enable it to run at great speed up to 55 km per hour. This makes them the world's fastest primate.

Fun fact: Patas Monkeys can hold as much food in their cheeks as they can in their stomachs! Other facts:

- At night they sleep in the most inaccessible tree they can find.

- They always walk on their fingers and never on their palms. is researching the distribution, taxonomy and conservation status of the Patas monkey in Eastern Africa. You can help by sharing your sightings on

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