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Within our personal encyclopedia you will find only animals WE have photographed. Our interest lies primarily with African Wildlife. So most photos are taken in: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Namibia. But there are also photos from: America, Canada, UAE, Japan, Germany, France, Ukraine, Hong Kong and of course our home country: The Netherlands. It's simple: "If we see wildlife, we want to take a photograph and determine the species !"

Sometimes the picture isn't great but don't forget we try to create our PERSONAL encyclopedia. So in that case we're just happy to have at least that photo! And who knows, maybe we can replace it with a better picture in the (near) future.... 

New addition: Because figuring out all our animal photos was not enough work, we are now also trying to add plants, shrubs and trees...  :-)

Please let us know If you see any errors !


The animals are sorted (and grouped) by the common name of the species (*)

All photos include GPS data

▸ = there's more info available about this species

(X) = X indicates the number of subspecies available

(F) = Female / (M) = Male / (I) = Immature

(spp. xxx) = subspecies / (monotypic) = no subspecies available

(*) Some groups are the same as the families the species belong to but this is not on purpose. We don't use genus, family or other taxonomic ranks at this moment.

Current number of species

411   Birds
090   Mammals
022   Reptiels & Amphibians
042   Butterflies & Moths
041   Other arhropods (Insects\Spiders\...)
In total over 575 (sub) species available !

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